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About Us

China is my mother land. I am a Chinese .China is very big and very beautiful country .China is very old,too.

Beijing is the capital of China .Beijing is the very beautiful city ,and it is in the north .There are lots of people live in Beijing.My cousins live in Beijing ,too .

There are lots of famous place in Beijing.I want go to Beijing ,but I didn’t go to beijing now.

I love you, Beijing !

There are two bigger river in China. They are the Changjiang River and the Huanghe River .

The Huanghe River is a very long river ,but it isn’t longest river of China . The Huanghe River is the second river in China .The Huanghe fish is very famous .I like eat ,too . The Huanghe River is a great river.The Huanghe River is also called “Mother River”,because we all dink the Huanghe River’s water .

I love you,the Huanghe River !

The Changjiang River is the longest river in China . In China,It is longer than any others .It is in south of china.It is wide and deep very much . The Changjiang River is a beautiful river .There are many many boats on the Changjiang River every day .

I love you , the Changjiang River !

The Great Wall is the first longest wall .It is in north of china.The Great Wall like a large dragon .It is very long and very old, and it’s very famous. There are lots of people visit The Great Wall every day .

I love you , the Great Wall !

I’m from Luoyang city. Luoyang is beside of the Huanghe river .There are many many beautiful place in Luoyang . Luoyang peony are very beautiful and famous,too .

I love you,Luoyang !

You are welcome to Luo yang,my dear friends!

You are welcome to China,my dear friends!

I love you ,China!